Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010 Christmas Wish List

I’ve decided to put in my Christmas wish list early this year. That way maybe I will get more of what I want. Hey, a guy can try.

  1. Another year of heating, air conditioning, refrigerator, dishwasher, and washer and dryer units functioning without any failures or replacement.
  2. A full year of no credit card percentage hikes.
  3. Another year of periodic plumbing flushing without major system surgery, or re-routing.
  4. Another year without having to rewire the house.
  5. With the last payment on our hybrid in April, at least a full year without the expensive battery replacement. I know, a bit greedy—dipping into the 2011 wish list.
  6. At least one of our three lost ships using its GPS to find a dock, even if still not docking.
  7. Ten pounds less than today.
  8. A full year without any viruses eating my hard drive.
  9. A full year without any viruses, or some obscure incurable disease, eating me, or PJ.
  10. Our son’s employment status stable enough so he stays moved out.
  11. A successful partial knee replacement for PJ, and a short recovery.
  12. Another year of not living in paranoia, or fearing change.
  13. Solving at least half of the Los Angeles Times’ Sunday Crosswords, and thereby reducing my cross words.
  14. Guy’s Guide to Domestic Engineering book sales beyond expectations.
  15. A robust start on another book.
  16. Twenty-five new recipes to salivate over. I’ll try many more, but would love twenty-five keepers.
  17. Learning to swear in French while watching UCLA sports. The neighbors will be grateful.
  18. At least five new life-long friends.
  19. Safe travels to multiple reunions—five.
  20. Another year of earning the friendship of my friends.
  21. A stress-free accommodation to PJ’s retirement and presence in our accommodations 24/7. Merde!
  22. Another year of expansive novels with my book club.
  23. Another year of thinking outside the box, stretching the envelope, and contributing new clichés.
  24. Another year of giving more than I get, despite this lengthy wish list. Are twenty-four too greedy?
  25. Peace on earth. Now I am being greedy.

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