Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Time to blog again. Sorry for the absence. It was transition time. PJ retired recently and a new chapter began.

Even though we have been married forever it seems, when togetherness becomes defined as 24/7, it takes some adjusting. The rhythms of the day form a new dance. It has all been mostly good, but change nonetheless.

I temporarily lost my writing voice.

Now it’s back. The good news is that change always fuels new material. This blog will reflect that now and then.

My domestic engineering duties continue albeit with some redistribution of chores. PJ has taken back the laundry. I fought it for all of two seconds. But I have picked up more cleaning duties after we cut back the housecleaners to once a month—a nod to our new retirement reduced cash flow reality.

I am now in the market for a John Deere riding vacuum cleaner.

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Ajay Prasad said...

Hi Keith,

Where are you? Your email does not work (or you are ignoring them).

Let us get together. It is time.