Saturday, October 31, 2009

Beer Runs

I have been a nag in past blogs about the importance of shopping lists, sticking to them and double and triple checking them while in the supermarket.

Yesterday, during my weekly provisions run I was at my first of three stops when I realized I had forgotten my list—again. Rather then test my memory I returned home figuring that if I didn’t I’d forget several items and have to go back out again. I could pay the gas pump then, or pay it later.

At my final stop, while in the checkout line and paying my bill, I overheard a woman who had just gotten in line. She was saying—to no one in particular—that she couldn’t understand how her cart was so full of mostly junk food. She had only come in to buy beer.

Thus endeth the lesson.

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Tom Bailey said...

I like your blog. It is fun to read. I keep a grocery list of what I use in my glove box. A little crazy ... Yes? But I have used it more than once. Visit my blog and leave a comment on something I am blogging about so I will know when you are updating yours.

Best regards