Friday, March 13, 2009

A Brief History of Guys and the Kitchen

For you historians out there I thought you’d appreciate a brief history of guys and the kitchen.

Before there was fire, there was beast tartare and sushi. Following fire there was scorched beast tartare and sushi. God sampled scorched beast tartare and was not pleased. So God invented the cook – a guy. Then there was roast beast, fired up rare, medium rare, medium well, and charred – plus sushi. And God said, “This is good”. But God still didn’t touch the sushi.

Man grunted, “This not good”. (Man was not grunting in complete sentences yet.) Hunting all day, risking his life among raptors, and having to return to the cave to cook the beast, made Neanderthal man grumpy. So he pulled Neanderthal woman by the hair into the cave’s kitchen*. This domestic arrangement remained until God created the Weber, Emeril Lagasse, and the Food Network.

*Pulling a woman by the hair into the kitchen is now a felony, except in Texas.


Barbara said...

Hi DE Guy!

To answer your question about how people might stumble over other people's blogs in the same city, just click on your location in your profile and all the people in Anaheim Hills will come up--if you haven't figured that out already...
I think you were the most interesting one I found there.

It's funny that a few years ago I was in Home Depot and talked to an interesting man who was repotting poinsettias for his friends after Christmas. You look and seem like a similar person, but that would be a weird coincidink. It's funny how people seem alike in their personalities.

Barb The Anaheimhillian
(formerly Auntie BarBar)

Keith Frohreich said...

Thanks...I think I finally figured that out. The blogger world is immense.

Although I get to Home Depot now and then (as part of my official duties), you wouldn't catch me repotting poinsettias, not that there is anything wrong with that. They are beauties.