Tuesday, February 3, 2009

First Day of Class

In addition to browsing the Internet, I have been browsing a book entitled, Younger Next Year – Live Strong, Fit, and Sexy Until You’re 80 and Beyond. Though the book has been out for several years, another aging-defiant friend only recently recommended it. With my next birthday at hand, I’m thinking, “great, no more birthdays.”

Could this be Benjamin Button’s bible?

One of authors’ tenets is to exercise strenuously six days a week. This gave me pause. My 2-3 workouts per week did not stop the aging process?

I perused the class offerings at my local LA Fitness and noted a daily cycling offering. Since I was already doing the recumbent bike for 40-45 minutes 2-3 days a week with above-moderate resistance, I thought cycling a step up, but doable.

I just finished my first class. I did not die, though my heart did text me several times, suggesting I sit down or slow down.

Those people are animals, and 75% are women. For the record I never stopped, and I never slipped below moderate resistance. I even stood up a few times, though not for long. There was that heart-texting thing.

I glanced at the wall clock once thinking we must be about three-quarters through. Nope – fifteen minutes. Expletive deleted.

Our butts are not compatible with bicycle seats. That’s probably why they goad you into standing up, frequently.

The petite, perky, zero-body-fat female instructor used a series of hand signs (her headset mic wasn’t working) to signal speed, resistance, sitting or climbing. I grew to dislike her intensely.

This is the first week of my new regimen. It may also be the last.
· Monday – 40-minute recumbent bike, and stretching.
· Tuesday – cycling and stretching.
· Wednesday – 40-minute recumbent bike, stretching, 1-2 miles on the treadmill, mostly uphill, and several weight machines. One-hour nap.
· Thursday - yoga. Two-hour nap.
· Friday – cycling, and stretching. Three-hour nap.
· Saturday – 45-minute recumbent bike, stretching, and 3 miles on the treadmill, mostly uphill. Four-hour nap.
· Sunday – Stay in bed.

I’m thinking that by Saturday noon my body will not be speaking to me. Well, it will, but not nicely.

Le Tour de France need not worry. I’m targeting Le Tour de Cul de Sac.

Cooking class, anyone?

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Barbara said...

A cooking class sounds easier...

Have you tried the "Hula Cardio" or "Tahitian Cardio" DVD's?--we get them thru Netflix--it's a great waist trimmer and I don't even have to deal with the snooty, size -0 gym rats...yiiiks!!! Any smaller, a person could disappear. I'm a firm believer that a person needs a least 23 to 25% body fat to have some substance.
A lot of Anaheimhillians jog or hike the Oak Canyon Park trails; a great place just a few minutes away...

Napping off 5lbs,
Barb the Anaheimhillian