Monday, October 6, 2008

Back Online

My blogging has been a bit light of late. Okay, it has been nonexistent. I have an alibi. For several weeks the Fraternal Order of the Wedding Planners kidnapped me and forced me to channel Franck of “Father of the Bride” fame, though without the effeminate German accent.

The duel roles of planner, and father of the bride, temporarily sucked all of the scribing air out me. To say nothing of spending half my time in the kitchen, planning, purchasing, and preparing major feasts for as many as twelve.

For the record I am not switching careers, nor opening a wedding consulting practice.

I’m off to visit family and friends in Indiana this week. My blog will resume its regularly scheduled scribing next week.

Soon after I will be launching a new charitable website titled “Keith and Pam Wedding Debt Fund.” If that doesn’t work, I’m submitting a bailout bill to Congress.

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